There's a lot of things I'm looking forward to with augmented reality. Like having a widescreen portable TV projected from my AR glasses which I can take wherever I go. Or having my social media feeds all big and colorful in front of me. Saves the neck ache of having to look down at my phone all the time. As you can probably guess, I'm very big on entertainment. This is why the possible concepts with augmented reality adult entertainment excited me. Yes, I do love porn as well. Shocker! Picture this: You load up various sexy holograms and position them around your house. You have four busty blondes in the living-room, a couple of brunettes upstairs, and maybe even a fatty in the kitchen. You stick on some loud music and make them all begin carrying out sexual acts with each other. You can leave the living-room, visit the hot brunettes upstairs, get a bit of oral and then come back downstairs and see that the hot blonde girls are still where you left them. Arporntube thinks this is entirely possible. The company says that in time, this is where the industry is headed. They say that users will be creating their very own kinky sex games and experiences at home. This does create an unprecedented amount of possibilities with AR porn. Users will have the choice of whoever, and however many girls they want to be positioned anywhere they wish. You'll be able to walk away and then return to find the models are precisely where you left them. What's more, they'll never get tired or bored like a real bunch or horny females. As the technology advances and platforms like Arkit and Arcore improve, you'll pretty much be able to live the life you've always wanted. Just slip on your Hololens, nReal Light, or any other compatible devices and you're good to go. Even devices like Aryzon, Zapbox, and Holokit will do the job just fine. These work just like Google's cardboard headset where you position your smartphone inside the device and then watch the action. If you follow some of these rockstar pornstar types on Snapchat, you will have seen them living those extremely exciting lifestyles of non-stop partying and sex. Well, thanks to AR porn that can now be your life, and all you need is a headset! For the time being its just a waiting game. Developers are still getting to grips with the new ecosystems and understanding how to best take advantage of AR technology. When the time is right, we'll see many of these possibilities begin to become a reality and the entire way we experience our innermost desires will dramatically change forever.

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The fact that AR porn offers you an immersive experience with a life-sized sexual partner grinding on top of you can often feel like you're actually having sex with another person. This may cause some negative feeling towards how you're treating your wife or girlfriend. You may begin to ask yourself, mm I cheating on her? Am I treating her as second best?

I want to reassure you that you are most definitely not cheating, providing of course that you do actually have intercourse with her as well and aren't dedicating your entire sex life to virtual holograms.

The reason that AR porn is not cheating is quite simple. The girl you're having sex with is not technically real, she's a representation of a person. Your penis is not entering a foreign pussy and you are not physically groping the body and breasts of another female. It's simply just a much better form of regular porn. And if your wife or girlfriend isn't concerned about your general interest in watching porn, then she should be absolutely fine with you watching AR porn too. On the other hand, if she does have an issue with you viewing porn then it's probably time to bin her off and get someone more adaptable to your keen interest in adult entertainment.

In my opinion, not only is immersing yourself in AR porn not a form a cheating, but it's actually a great opportunity for you and your partner to have an erotic threesome without her being jealous that your hands are all over the body of a potentially more beautiful girl then she is. If she does ever start getting upset over the situation and begins to cry in the corner of the room, then just remind her that the virtual hologram is in no way whatsoever real. If she still struggles to accept it and kicks up a fuss, then again, just bin her off.

In conclusion, you're not cheating by immersing yourself in some saucy AR porn, in fact it's quite the opposite. Every man on the planet will have his head turned from time to time and get thoughts about humping another girl, especially when they've been for the same one for a long period of time. All the dating apps on the market make it very easy to cheat on your girlfriend at any given time of the day. So, by having it off with a digitally created virtual girl instead of a real one, you're actually doing your partner a favour.

AR Porn Tube provides news and reviews in the AR industry. Our experience will guide you to only the most engaging augmented reality entertainment available today.

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